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Families Honor loved ones with Memorial Gifts


The Library Foundation would like to thank the families and individuals who have chosen to honor their legacy with memorial contributions.

Jim Aderman Mary Allen
Terrence Boyle Regis Campbell
Loretta Charlton Barbara Clark
Laveta Cobb Margaret Dowd
Virgina Dyck Delores Fay
Mary Ann Gabel Marilyn Geiger
Charles Green Stephanie Hall
Richard and Frances Hargis Curtis Holloway
Helen Jensen John Kudlacek
Phil Lange Agnes Lively
Arlene Looker Joann McCarter
Gilbert McCurdy David Monical
Betty Penney Frank Sabatini
Sandra Sauvage Vincent and Rose Marie Schletzbaum
Linda Sprague Gary Spray
Judy Struss Dr. Leo Glenn Swogger, Jr.
Karen Tappan James Thomas
Mary Ann Thompson Mary Tierney Simmons
Clarice and Darrell Timken Charlene Towsley
Pat Wild Kathleen Wilmore
Ruth Zimmerman  


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