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Celebrating 40 Years!

40 years

For the past 40 years, The Library Foundation has created an environment where people can make charitable donations supporting causes they desire to help and making a difference in our community. These gifts have helped us to understand and respond to what matters most to our donors. Since its inception 40 years ago, The Library Foundation has grown to an asset size of over $10 million with over 50 funds. Each fund allows the Foundation to partner with donors to support causes and well-loved programs in our community. 

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Created by a group of representatives from the Friends of the Library, The Friends Foundation of Topeka Public Library was established in 1982 to create an avenue for community members to express their support of the library. 

In our first decade our leadership worked to create connections in the community and establish priorities. The goal was to fundraise and establish the foundation as a trusting and viable source. 

In 1999, The Great Expectations $1M Campaign was launched. This was an opportunity for people to give immediate and future gifts. From this, over $4.3M was raised and the new Michael Graves designed library opened.

Throughout the years, the foundation partnered with other organizations to create new opportunities for the community. Multiple bookmobiles were purchased and with donor help new programs and designated rooms were established at the library. 

Jim McHenry, past Executive Director states "the special relationships between library staff and patrons helped make this library and our volunteer efforts even better. Find the right donor and magic can happen!"

The Library Foundation will continue to move ahead as the needs of the community and the desires of our donors do. And we will continue to build relationships and create partnerships in the future. 

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