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Because of you...

Three-year-old Teddy, reads his newest Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library book about butterflies to his dog. To set that scene, several important barriers to his access to books have been broken. The initiative is available to any child in Shawnee County under age five. The books are available to him at no cost. They come directly to his home through the U.S. Postal Service.

They are his to keep and enjoy over and over and over. This is no one-time event; a new book will be added to his collection each month until he turns 5. Teddy’s literacy skills are being built, even through this shared moment with a pet. Specifically, this little guy is demonstrating how to hold a book correctly. He is mimicking reading behavior by repeating what he’s heard others say when looking at the book, and he is turning pages appropriately. Moreover, he is sharing his reading experience with his attentive, furry companion. Most of all, he is exhibiting joy in learning... and that’s where the lifelong journey begins. Please consider sponsoring a child. The annual cost is $30 per child. Make your gift today!

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