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The Wilder Society

Wilder Society LogoMembership Criteria

For planned givers – No minimum gift amount is required for membership. Any planned gift qualifies. A percentage amount of your estate is also accepted.

Gifts of assets such as appreciated stock, real estate, life insurance and tangible personal property (fine art) qualify as planned gifts by virtue of their dollar value.

For annual lifetime givers – An annual lifetime gift significant for the donor qualifies for membership. The amount specified can be contributed annually for the duration of your lifetime.

Who can leave a legacy?
Anyone. You do not have to be wealthy or of a certain age to leave a meaningful legacy. Anyone can make a planned or annual gift regardless of the dollar value.

As a Wilder Society member…

  • You leave a personal legacy that inspires others.
  • You join a community that shared a passion for the library’s mission.
  • You enjoy the knowledge that your gift helps ensure the library’s excellence for future generations.
  • You will be recognized at the annual Wilder Society gathering

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