Brenda Dietrich

     I love to read! My mother would take us to the library as soon as we could walk! The library was the greatest adventure for my brother and sisters and was one of the few places we were encouraged to “just take your time”. We would easily lose ourselves in the wonders of the children’s section… row after row of picture books, chapter books, child-size rocking chairs, big colorful pillows… while our mother slowly browsed the adult section. I grew up in small towns in Kansas where the library was considered a community treasure, much like our own TSCPL. Those libraries allowed us to take home books, for free no less, that expanded our view of the world, piqued our imagination, inspired us to be better people and encouraged us to disappear into someone else’s adventures and enjoy the ride! I think every child… and adult… should have that opportunity and I proudly support the library and the programs we offer because of our commitment to making the world a better place for our children and community. ~ Brenda Dietrich, Trustee, The Library Foundation

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