Why I Give… Betty Jean Neal

B. Neal

I donate to the library because I see things from both sides. AS a member of the community I watched as the library assisted my daughter manage a kindergartener and three preschoolers with books to read, programs to let them meet children outside of the family, books she could get on hold and have mailed to her house so she didn’t need to gather them all up. (We had free mailing and now have TSCPL@Home)

I have seen TSCPL reached out to my neighbors whenever they could during an ongoing pandemic.

As a long time employee, I have seen how much my co-workers at all levels care about this community and how hard we all work to make this the library that was so recognized for it’s value that is was Library of the Year in 2016.

I am convinced that every dollar I give the library multiplies and spreads throughout my community with technology, programs, Dolly Parton Imagination Library, LAP bus, Curious Kids programs, and most importantly a place full of people who care about each person they interact with on zoom, on the phone, in person, or giving high fives in youth services.

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