Our Donors

In grateful recognition of those who made a generous contribution to Leaves in the Atrium in support of the A Library to Remember campaign. These gifts were an important source for the library’s growth from 2001 through 2013.

3M Library Systems
Carolyn Anderson Adams
Marian Menninger Adams, M.D.
Aldersgate Village Retirement Community
Rae Aldridge
Ken and Pam Alexander
Judge Adrian and Mary S. Allen
Florence Ausherman Allen
Michael Almond
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.- Alpha Iota Omega Chapter
American Pre-Sort, Inc.
Anderson News
Georgiana Lee Andrews
Maxine Jeanes Anton
Punya and Srichandra Noy Arunakul
ASA Marketing Group, Inc.
Ann and Tom Ashley
John and Carol Ashley
Randall Austin
Baby Your Baby Program of NE Kansas
Dr. Phillip and Betty White Baker
Colette Bangert
Bank of America
Robert and Jenifer Banks
Jerry and Kandy Barker
Barnes & Noble Booksellers
Leigh W. Barrett and Alicia A. Rues
Don and Marge Barry
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Batsell
Pauline D. Beatty
Eva Bennett
Philomene Bennett
Berberich Trahan & Co., P.A.
Blanche Bryden Foundation
Dr. Paul and Shirley Boatwright
Norman and Betty Bomar
Keith and Bette Bossler
Eugene Boyer
Dr. and Mrs. Larry Bradford
Judy and Barry Bray
Paul and Mary Brennan
Brewster Place Retirement Community
Jack H. Brier
John and Virginia Brier
Briman’s Leading Jewelers
Dale and Joan Briman
Roy and Gerry Browning
Roy and Betty Bulkley
Bob Burtch and Marty Peterson
Capital City Bank and Sabatini Family
Capitol Federal Savings
Nelle H. Carkhuff
Marcia and Michael Cassidy
Caterpillar Foundation
Center for the Book
Alexander J. Chanay
Jeffrey and Kristin Chanay
Tyler K. Chanay
Anderson W. Chandler
Art and Crysta Chandler
Geneva Chandler
Mr. and Mrs. George Chandler
Jim and Gwen Chandler
Art and Nancy Cherry
Dorothy A. Christensen
Ray and Bea Christian
Don and Janet Chubb
Elisabeth Chubb
Cici’s Pizza
John and Barbara Cipolla
Gary K. and Margaret Clarke
Loretta M. N. Class
John and Betty Cleland
Tom and Linda Clevenger
Ann and Charles Clinkenbeard
Marjorie and Roswell Cofran
Walter and Nancy Cole
Commerce Bank & Trust
Community Bank
Conkling-Hussey Charitable Trust
Michael and Cathy Conlin
Cathy and Dick Cook
Eugene and Marie Copeland
Lloyd and Edith Copenhafer
Dorothy and John K. Corkhill
Cosgrove, Webb & Oman
Maynard and Helen Cox
Crarey-Griest Charitable Trust
Dr. John E. Crary
Dick and Donna Crawford
Bud and Sally Cray
Floy M. Crouch Estate
Judge Sam A. and Ruth M. Crow
Lillian L. Dawkins
Jack and Flora DeBacker
Eugene and Carolyn Decker
Jim and Joyce DeCoursey
Deggingers’ Foundry
The Dickinson Foundation
John B. and Brenda Dicus
John C. and Betty Dicus
Dillon Store No. 64
Larry and Lois Dimmitt
Paul and Nella Dinolfo
Tom and Estelle Dolgoff
Bill and Johnnie Drenner
Noelle T. and William E. Drechsel
Glenda DuBoise
Lyle H. Dudley
Scott and Lori Duffens
R.E. “Tuck” and Kathleen Allen Duncan
Duncan’s Movie Magic
Lois Cathey Durbin
Robert Ebendorf
Dorothy Ekdahl
Janis and Jon Ekdahl
Vivian and Lloyd Elliott
Jett and Tim Elmer
Steve and Julie McHenry Emerson
Roselle Endlich
Engel Law, P.A.
Charles and Janet Engel
Roy and Frances Engler
Stewart and Elinor Entz
Horace W. Eubank
Letty Staebler Evans
Duane and Beth Fager
Emery E. and Dorothy Fager
Mel and Millie Falck
Fink Foundation
Katherine Fischer
John and Cher Floyd
James Folsom
Ronald W. Ford
Drs. David Bernard and Dr. Marjory Bolger Foster
Joan Foth
Ben and Gail Franklin
Fraternal Order of Eagles
Jasper and Margaret Frazer
Elizabeth and Merton French
John V. Friedstrom
Richard Friedstrom
Friends of Topeka Shawnee County Public Library
FryeAllen, Inc.
Dorothy Sutton Fuller
Dr. Carl and Marguerite Fyler
Dorothy Gabel
Wilfred V. Gabel
Gage Bowls
Elizabeth May Galloway
Allen Gardiner
Susan and Kent Garlinghouse
Charles Gartner
Angelo C. Garzio
GateKeeper Hobbies
Roth and Joan Gatewood
Gault-Hussey Charitable Trust
Dr. Marilyn L. Geiger
Blanche E. Gibbs
Robert and Naomi Gibeson
Roberta M. Gillespie
Glory Days Pizza
Chuck and Billie Godbold
Spenser Good
Harold and Beverlee Goodman
Leland and Mary Gordy
Ted Gorman
William T. Gorman
Governor and Mrs. Bill Graves
Helen Green
Mark and Mary Greenberg
Tom and Ann Gregg
Eli, Darcy & Raleigh Groesbeck
Arthur J., Jr. and Dorothy Griffin Groesbeck
Scott and Mary Hamilton
Dick and Dotty Hanger
Marguerite Hanlon
Robert C. and Dorothy L. Harder
Joanne Harrison
Katherine M. Hartley
John Harvey
Wendling and Elizabeth Hastings
Dr. Robert E. Hauke
Darvin and Marilyn Hawley
Mildred L. Hawn
Nick & Terry Xidis- Hazel Hill Chocolate
Barney and Marjorye Savage Heeney
Bob & Debbie Heintzelman
Helping Hands Humane Society
Bea and Carl W. Hempstead
James D. Henderson
Phyllis J. Henney Estate
Margaret Murphy Herynk
Sandy and Daryl Hill
Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc.
Becky & Larry Hinton
Cotter and Jeanne Hirschberg
Dennis C. Holcomb
Kay and Chuck Holle
B. Maurice and Frances Hollie
Pamela Hollie and P.F. Kluge
Don and Jane Horttor
William H. Howe
Pat and Connie Hubbell
Dorothy Huggins
Mrs. Margaret D. Hughes
Dr. and Mrs. Robert D. Hughes
Bette Jo Hunt
Bruce T. Hurd
Duane & Martha Huizenga
Jeff and Martha Imparato
Independent Insurance Agents of Topeka, Inc.
Pedro Irigonegaray
Jan Jaquith
Jayhawk State Theatre of Kansas
Harlan and Myrtle Alice Jennings
Robert and Simone Johnson
Nancy N. Jones
G. Lester Jordan, Jr.
G. Lester and Mary Alice Jordan
Junior League of Topeka
Kansas Health Foundation
Kansas Humanities Council
Barbara P. Karle
Nancy Kassebaum Baker
Kaw Valley State Bank and Trust
Heather Kearns
Charles and Claire King
Doris and Warren Kinnett
Kiwanis Club of West Topeka
Jane W. Kluge
Kokari Foundation
Judith A. Kooser, M.D. and Nicholas Good
Allie, Stacie, Beth, & Allen Kossoy
Pam and Carl Koupal
The Reverend Father Vincent Krische
Louis and Evelyn Krueger
KTWU – Channel 11
Laird Noller Ford
C. R. Lake
Phil and Kathy Lange
Bob Lawson
David and Audrey Leamon
Dr. Dow Lee and Karen Lee
Frances Reed Lee
Darryl “Dode” and Elsie Lesser
Art and Joan Lewerenz
The Topeka Chapter of The Links, Inc.
Robert M. and Hazel F. Lingo
Ed, Becky, Katie and Eddie Linquist
Ray and Betty Lippe
Carolyn Glazier Litwin
Clarence W. and Marthel O. Longabach
Lorraine M. Love
Donna Low
Stephen & Martha Lusk
Joanne Lyon
M-C Industries, Inc.
Robert and Jane Mackey
Edward and Susan Baird Marchant
Marguerite and Lawrence Martin
James C. Marvin
Patricia K. Marvin
Craig, Robin, Chandler and Morgan Maxon
Hugh and Margaret McCausland
Dale E. McCoy
David Harlen McCoy
McDonald’s – Hays, Russell, and Wakeeney
McDonald’s Restaurants of Topeka
Jane and Frank McGrew
James and Elizabeth McHenry
Linda and James McHenry, Jr.
Kent S. and Janet Martin McKinney
Evelyn Meade
Henry J. and Marilyn A. Meiners
David Menninger
Eliza Menninger and Ed Johnson, Bill and Kate
Rosemary Menninger
Connie and Walt Menninger
Esther Miller
Larry L. and Suzanne L. Miller
Wilfred T. Miller, Ph.D.
Gina and Ried Millsap
Robert and Lois Mitchell
Mary Mae Moffet
Mrs. Dot Mohler
Brian and Kathleen Moline
Carol A. Mongold
Lois and George Monto
Bob and Marna Moore
Ann Morris
Mark and Bette Morris
Drs. Michael and Grace Morrison
Phil & Lona Morse
Mabel Moses
Dr. Joe & Suzanne Mumford
Bruce and Kathy Myers
National Endowment for the Humanities
National League of American Pen Women- Topeka Branch
Betty Jean Neal
Joseph and Carol Neal
Gordon and Barbara Nelson
New York Council for the Humanities
Alanna Schenkosky and Frederic Niles
Noller Dealerships of Topeka
Pete and Jean North
Northeast Kansas Library System
N. E. Kansas Parkinson Association, Inc.
Marianna & Austin Nothern
Dr. Patricia J. O’Brien
Jack and Georgia Olsen
Mary and Ralph Oman
Dr. Kerry M. and Mrs. Teresa O’Neal
Dorothy Orr
Euphemia Page
George and Velma Paris
Carol Parker
Lisa and Dwight Parman
Payless ShoeSource
Robert and Anne Peele
Esther Peers
Nancy Ann Perih
Tim, Bobbie, Jared, Daren, Mindy & Olivia Pfeifer
Lucille S. Perkins
Pet Express
Larry Peters and Barbara Waterman-Peters
Cecil and Marvel Peterson
Mrs. Kelsey H. Petro
John and Helen Petterson
Pauline Brown Pfuetze
Dr. Robert E. and Mildred I. Pfuetze
Rita J. Pierson
Sue W. Pinegar
Edward and Juanita Podmore
Mary Ann Polley
Nancy H. Pollock
Paul Post and Kay Kelly
Mrs. Marjorie S. Pratt
Edward H. Purcell
Russell and Helane Ralph
Harriette H. and Dr. Bartlett W. Ramsey
F. William Rayburn
Frederick W. Rayburn, M.D.
Barbara Read
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Rector
Reuter Organ Company
Georgia Sue Reuter
Robert and Nel Richmond
Dr. Michael B. Roberts
William and Donna Robinson
Dr. and Mrs. William Robinson III
Judge Richard D. and Cindy Rogers
Alan and Ann Rolley
John and Fern Rosenberg
The Rotary Club of Topeka
Lyle and Esther Rouse
Clyde and Carol Rousey
Walter and Lucy Roush Charitable Trust
Jane and Bill Roy, Sr.
Jack and Judy Runnels
Richard and Kathryn Ryan
Ronald and Sarah Russell
Daniel and Nicole Sabatini
Matt and Denise Sabatini
Michael Sabatini Family
Umberto and Lidia Sabatini
Safari Golf
Safari Pets
Richard Saint John
John E. and Alicia L. Salisbury
Saty and Viji Satya-Murti
Marcia C. Saville
John and Carolyn Sayler
Elizabeth Saylor
Jean and Les Saylor
SBC Foundation
Julia Schlobohm
Peter and Margie Schloesser
Dorothy B. Schmanke
Howard M. and Fern G. Schriver
Lena R. Dreiling and Steve A. Schwarm
Tom and Helen Schwartz
Jennifer L. Score
Steven, Clista, Kyle and Eric Seals
Security Benefit
Myron and Rachel Seeley
Senne Company
June A. Shapiro
Irving and Beth Sheffel
Irving and Peggy Sheffel
Jeanette Dean Shuart
Ralph and Beth Skoog
Robert and Dorothy Slemmons
Eldon and Harriet Sloan
James W. Sloan
Mrs. Henrietta M. Snyder
Deb and Steve Southerland
Southwestern Bell Telephone
Henry Spangler, MD
Bob & Beth Sparling
Special People In Need
Hunter & Cloe Spees From: Mom & Dad
Sports Center
Kivrin Staley
Travis Staley
Stanley Flowers
Martha Booth Stanley
Gayan Stanley
Tom & Gwen Stanley
Duane Johnson, Director, State Library of Kansas
Elizabeth Priest Stauffer
L. Darrell Stauffer
Edna Steel and Vesta Walker
Joseph M., M.D. and Lucy Nichols Stein
Carolyn E. Stewart
Herb and Mary Jane Stocking
Bob and Kerry Onstott Storey
Larry and Eleanor Strecker
Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Jack and Janet G. Strukel
Jean Switzer
Glenn, Jr. and Claire Swogger
Glenn Swogger Sr. Foundation
Bob and Jeanne Taggart
Tantillo Family Foundation
Karen C. Tappan
Target Stores
Telthorst Family Trust
Joan S. and Stephen J. Tempero, M.D.
The Topeka Capital-Journal
Emmett and Beverly J. Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Byron Thompson
Grey & Tanner Thornburgh
Emmy Lou Thorp
Topeka Active 20/30 Club
Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library Staff
Topeka Collegiate School
Topeka Community Foundation
Topeka Lions Club
Topeka Rotary Foundation
Topeka South Rotary
Louise and Walter Torluemke
Jud and Barbara Townley
William Treadway
Mark Trowbridge
Denny and Donna Tryon
Ruth Turnipseed
Cecile Tuttle
Nathaniel and Jewel Uhr
Gaylord and Ann Ukena
Vivian Umbarger
Roger L. and Kay A. Underwood
George Vanlanker
James VanSickle and Mary Case Gordy
Richard R. and Margaret A. Vasquez
Gabrielle Vosburgh
Haydan Vosburgh
Joseph Vosburgh
Harry and Virginia Wade
Wal-Mart Stores
Regent and Mrs. Sid Warner
Louise DeSpain Warren
Washburn University
Nancy E. Watkins
Donald and Mark Helen Weaver
Jan Weiner
Lila Weissenberg
Westar Energy
Western Sorosis Study Club
Richard M. and Jane M. Whayne
Daphne S. White
Elliott H. White
Mrs. Ruth R. Wiksten
Larry A. and Susan Krehbiel William
Bill and Rosemary Williamson
Betty and Norm Wilson
Lew Wilson
Arno and June Windscheffel
Wint and Nancy Winter
The Wittig Family
Wolfe’s Camera Shops, Inc.
Mrs. Robert P. Woods
William and Diane Wright
Tam and Ray Zeferjahn
Bernice and Jack Zeligman

In Memory of…

Norman T. Bomar
David & Dorothy Blue Bunim
W. J. Burns by Jim and Joanne Burns
Emily Carmona by Warren Taylor
Helen Williams Carpenter
Mary and John Cocchi by Warren E. Taylor
Mary Conlan & Lisa Donner
Barton Lee Dever by Maxine Dever
Earl & Clara Douglas by Elizabeth D. Gerhardt
Noelle Todd Drechsel by Kathy Groesbeck
Alma Eikerman by Rita and John Grunwald
Vera C. Faulconer
Bob N. Ferguson by Edna H. Ferguson
Elizabeth French by Frenchie Perry and Sarah Collins
Margaret Gardiner
Robert W. Gerhardt by Linda H. McHenry
Gleda Gorman by Family and Friends
Karen Ann Heilman by Larry Heilman
Carl Hempstead by Family and Friends
Dr. J. Cotter Hirschberg by Family and Friends
Cotter Hirschberg by Jo Ann Myers
Margaret Hoover
Bob & Imogene Hughes
Kansas Pioneers by Carolyn A. Adams
Don and Marcella March by Janet March Kruzel
Lavinia Lamont Mithen by Jeanne Christie Mithen
Horace and Mabel Moses by Don and Shirley Moses
David W. Mulvane
Maria G. Munoz
Nellie Woods Myers and Arlie M. Myers by Warren E. Taylor
Nancy Neiswanger Jones by Family and Friends
Shanta Parulkar by Deepak S. Parulkar
Our Parents by Pat & Dennis Petterson
Harold R. Porter by Sonya Porter
Jane R. Robb by Becky Dickinson and Brady Robb
Alice C. Sabatini by The Sabatini Family
Shelby and Marianne Taylor by Warren E. Taylor
Velva and Shelby Taylor by Warren E. Taylor
Mary Helen Weaver by Family and Friends
John P. Welsh by Peggy Welsh
Dorothy W. Woodson

In Honor of…

Rosetta Burns by Jim and Joanne Burns
Keith and Helen Chanay
Seltsam Cleland by Aric and K.K. Cleland
Mary “Sissy” Donovan by Kansas Legislative Spouses
Bill and Rita Dreiling by Lena R. Dreiling and Steve A. Schwarm
Jan Gardiner by Allen Gardiner
Tom and Ann Gregg by Gail Gregg and Arthur Sulzberger II
Griffin Davis Groesbeck by Alan & Kathy Groesbeck
Mary C. Hatke by Alan & Kathy Groesbeck
Jeanne Hirschberg by Dean & Ruth Cook
Vikki Horan by Fern Goff
Robert and Lloyd Huff by Henry Spangler, MD
Maxine Jacob by Murv and Debbie
Jo Ann Klemmer by Kathy Groesbeck
Mary Abraham Langston Friend Extraordinaire by Deb and Steve Southerland
Brooke and Catherine by Margaret and Tighe La Rue
Ruth and Maurice Mayo by Martha Huizenga
Evan Michael McHenry by Jim & Linda McHenry
Sage Elizabeth McHenry by Jim & Linda McHenry
Connie and Walt Menninger by the Menninger Children
Charles & Doris Ross by Richard, Bobby & Kristin Ross
Robert Shapiro and Elaine O’Gara
Mrs. George Staebler Jr. by Letty Evans and Tom Staebler
Gwen M. Stanley by Kathy Groesbeck
Our children by Stan and Jody Teeter
Louise and Walter Torluemke by Anita and Larry Wolgast
Evan James Weidemann by Alan & Kathy Groesbeck

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